Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Better Weather Channel?

Being a weather geek from the time I saw my first tornado way back in the early 1970's, naturally, the Weather Channel has never been far from wherever I happened to be at any moment.  While in college back in the mid 1980's the Weather Channel was my background study noise.  It was also my pre-spotter alert tool.  Any time they predicted bad weather, I was certain to ensure my car was gassed up and my ham radios charged and ready.

Unfortunately over time, the folks at the Weather Channel have moved away from the "all weather all the time" concept that I dearly loved, to a "weather-tainment" paradigm.  Don't get me wrong; I do not 'hate' this new concept.  I do like watching Prospectors and still don't mind experiencing some of the slicked-up weather tech.  It's all the other programs they have that just irritate me.

The other day my wife introduced me to a new channel on Dish called WeatherNation.   WOW!  No odd programs that only have a tentative relationship to weather.  Definitely a more "all the weather all the time" programming concept.  They may have won a convert here; I like it.